It's Mr. Television Reviewer Person!

Hello! I'm Mr. Television Reviewer Person. Today, I will be providing synopses of some of the hottest shows on television today.

Actually I'm not really a television reviewer; I just play one on this blog. So I haven't watched any actual episodes of these shows. I am just going by the title of the show, plus the odd snippet of information overheard at the proverbial water cooler. They say you can't judge a book by a cover, but you can certainly judge a TV show by its name.

House (USA, Fridays 11 pm)

A grouchy but competent host teaches do-it-yourselfers all the tricks of the trade in this home renovation program.

Prison Break (Fox, Mondays 8 pm)

Some office workers take smoking breaks to indulge their nicotine addiction. Others take frequent coffee breaks and enjoy a leisurely cup of joe. In Prison Break, follow the lives of six office workers who take two 15-minute breaks each day to go to prison, just for the fun of it -- and in a dramatic twist of irony, ultimately realize that the very cubicle they were breaking from is, itself, a 6 by 8 cell.

Lost (ABC, Wednesdays 10 pm)

The first-person camera viewpoint puts you in the heat of the moment for an entire hour, as homeowners frantically look for lost keys, lost remote controls, and lost CD covers amid the clutter in their homes.

My Name is Earl (NBC, Thursdays 8 pm)

What's in a name? After being hit by a car and suffering amnesia, a country music singer seeks to regain memories of his past, his music, and most of all -- his identity.

Grey's Anatomy (ABC, Thursdays 9 pm)

Every week, this program examines in great detail a different body part of Lady Catherine Grey, the 16th-century Countess of Hertford, in this deliciously saucy tale for adults only.

Little Mosque on the Prairie (CBC, Mondays 9 pm)

This sequel to the beloved Little House on the Prairie series explores a side of the Ingalls family story that the original series failed to adequately present: their eventual conversion to Islam. Set in the late 19th century, Little Mosque on the Prairie follows the family's dream of building the first Mohammedan place of worship in the U.S. midwest.

Criminal Minds (CBS, Wednesdays 9 pm)

Dissecting the preserved brains of history's most notorious felons.

Scrubs (NBC, Thursdays 9 pm)

Hidden cameras follow astronauts whose Space Shuttle missions were scrubbed moments before take-off, and the shattering of their dreams for space travel.

Men In Trees (ABC, Thursdays 10 pm)

Joggers in a park climb up trees to escape from a rowdy group of teenage ruffians who threaten to attack them.

What About Brian (ABC, Sundays 10 pm)

The parents of an eight-year-old boy named Brian forget to take him with them as they embark on a Paris vacation, in this spinoff of the popular movie Home Alone.

Numb3rs (CBS, Fridays 10 pm)

Famous mathematicians and theoretical physicists join together to teach children how to count in this exciting new cartoon for pre-schoolers. A different number is featured in every episode.

Stay tuned for more exciting reviews about things I know nothing about!


Deb said…
Since I don't watch TV then I can't argue with your review.

Seebz said…
I'm not an avid TV person but do have some clue of what the shows are about.. and hearing this perspective was hilarious.. love the Grey's anatomy the most.

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