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Fun with Photoshop

Cockroaches and tortilla shells

Maybe I should just move into a cave

Words that do not mean what you think they mean

Speeding drivers beware, at least in Texas and Pennsylvania

AP: Sanei won't seek 2008 run

When is a tax cut not a tax cut? When it's a G.S.T. cut.

Ten people who are statistically more likely to kill, hurt, or annoy you than a "terrorist"

It shouldn't be this difficult to buy lunch

Canon tilt/shift lens: sweet optical goodness!

The musings of a perennially perturbed anagrammist

Happy October!

Fun with airport security

Photomatix: A better way to bring out shadow and highlight detail

Toronto skyline picture

UFO sightings

Hello, I'm trying to surf teh internets here!!!1

Conducting interviews on live TV

A prediction

Water, loo

Planet vanishes from night sky, replaced by clump of ice

People, people! Please! Let's not create a mob scene!

More madness!

A list of headlines served to me by Google Desktop

All the brave people who keep us safe in our homes and our cars


RIAA successfully sues man for singing copyrighted song as he walks down the street


Some random observations made while walking along Phillip Street one morning in May

Lloyd Bentsen, 1921-2006

San Francisco night shot

Ha ha, serves them right

Iranian president writes a letter to American president

"Nice weather isn't it" would have been okay

Some things I'm learning as I wait in line at the supermarket

Stephen Harper Eats Babies, maybe, not really, who knows?

Stephen Harper absolutely, positively does not eat babies (at least not during one unspecified 5-year period), says some guy who used to work with him

Is a scam?