That one with the red thing

I decided to let Ryan watch a little TV this morning. Usually we try not to do this too often, but I thought he might enjoy it. Ryan is three and a half years old -- an age where the "and a half" is still relevant. Communicating with young children can be a challenge, because sometimes they don't use the best words for getting their idea across, and that leads to confusion and miscommunication. Come to think of it, it's that way with a lot of adults too.

Sassan: Ryan, would you like to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?
Ryan: Want to watch Mickey Mouse!
Sassan: Okay, we'll watch one episode. Which one would you like to see?
Ryan: The one with the rocket ship!
Sassan: Sorry, I don't think we have that one. Let's see what we do have! We have Mickey's Treat, Pluto's Best, Donald the Frog Prince, Daisy in the Sky, Goofy the Great, Minnie's Birthday, Donald's Big Balloon Race, Pluto's Puppy-Sitting Adventure, Sleeping Minnie, Donald and the Beanstalk, Goofy's Bird, Goofy the Home Maker, Mickey Goes Fishing, A Surprise for Minnie, Mickey's Treasure Hunt, and Minnie Red Riding Hood. Which one of those would you like to see?
Ryan: Umm, umm, that one, the one with the red thing.
Sassan: The red thing???
Ryan: The one with the red thing! The one with the red thing!!! That one!
Sassan: What red thing?
Ryan: The red thing! The red thing! Umm, umm, Goofy's Bird.
Sassan: Oh, that red thing!
Ryan: That one! With the red thing!
Sassan: Okay.
Ryan: What Daddy didn't know what Ryan meant for?


Deb said…
February. It is now May. Your daughter is probably shopping for her prom dress and you have yet to post pictures.

Come on blog buddy, keep up with the demand. :-)
Deb said…
I think I'll leave a comment a day until you come back.


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