It was a busy day at work today

What a day!

I recognized that despite budgetary constraints, I could proactively utilize some free cycles to devise a mission-critical, customer-centric relationship with our strategic horizontal and vertical value-add partners to leverage our core competencies and develop mutual win-win business opportunities in the context of our go-to-market strategy.

Later, I touched base with the key players in the business units to enhance our deployment strategy by plucking all the low-hanging fruit on the radar screen. Once we got all our ducks lined up, it was a logistical no-brainer to shift the paradigm from championed causes to ordered chaos.

The process is really under way now to think outside the box, action something, and butter both sides of the bread. At the end of the day, my best guesstimate is that I successfully contextualized the mission statement to both internal and external stakeholders.

Now I have a tool in my bag that I can use whenever I want to do this!


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