Damn.. you... Google!!

It's 6:52 am. I've been awake for exactly 8 minutes and I just had my first original thought of the day: "mnemonic plague" would be a clever way of describing the proliferation of acronyms in our language today.

(Stop furrowing your brow. It's clever because mnemonic plague sounds like pneumonic plague and rhymes with bubonic plague.)

Anyway, I decide to plug the phrase "mnemonic plague" into Google to find out if I am the first person ever to come up with this, because the Internet is a reliable record of everything that ever occurred to anybody.

518 hits!! I couldn't believe it. Way to deflate my sense of originality. Thanks a lot, Larry and Sergey.

Next time I try to come up with something clever, I'll just stick to jokes that start with a hamburger walking into a bar.

Update (March 3, 2012): Just checked again out of curiosity. About 6,980 results.


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