Invasive micropublishings; or, you have been Googlewhacked!

in·va·sive (ĭn-vā'sĭv)
adj. Tending to intrude or encroach, as upon privacy.

mi·cro·pub·lish·ings (mī'krō-pŭb'lĭ-shĭngz)
n. Publications by microfilm.

What are invasive micropublishings?

Are they the encroachment upon privacy by means of publication on microfilm, as the dictionary would suggest?

Or are they a pair of words that, out of the billions and billions of web pages that exist on the Internet today, appear together only on this web page? My wee insignificant blog? Nowhere else?

Yes, it's true! I have found a Googlewhack! A Googlewhack is a pair of words which, when entered into Google's search page - without quotation marks or puncutation - returns only one result (not including a page that consists only of a list of words). The two words must be real words, meaning that they are defined at

Try finding one, it is harder than it sounds.

Of course, once a Googlewhack has been found, and reported on a web page, it ceases to be a Googlewhack, because now it exists on the original web page as well as the page that reported the Googlewhack. It's a conundrum!

That is why I am especially proud that I have not found this Googlewhack, but created it! In fact, the words invasive and micropublishings have not appeared together on any web page until the moment I publish this article. And since a Googlewhack is defined as the query response from Google and not the actual existence of the words on a page, we can actually witness the unfolding of this Googlewhack. That is, when Google's search engine picks up this article, my first Googlewhack will at last come into existence! Invasive micropublishings indeed.

I so rule.


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