What not to say in a job interview

Here is a theoretical exchange that theoretically took place between a theoretical interviewer and a theoretical job candidate (a fourth-year engineering student) at a theoretical high-tech company at some theoretical time and place in the theoretical past.

I swear that if this were not theoretical, I would not be making it up. (Theoretically speaking, of course.)

Interviewer: In our company, we place a lot of emphasis on each individual taking responsibility for their own work and taking initiative to do what needs to get done. We are all in a leadership role here. Could you give me some examples of how you have demonstrated your leadership skills?

Candidate: I guess it would depend on the abilities and technical skills of my superiors. If they know their stuff, then I wouldn't have to show any leadership; I could just be a follower. That doesn't bother me; I really don't have any problem being a follower. Although, I guess... if I had to be a leader... I could be.

Needless to say, the interview ended moments later.


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