10 writing errors that ruined your last blog post

1. Trotting out that tired old cliché.
2. Repeating yourself, reiterating a point needlessly, and being redundant.
3. Ending a dull sentence with an exclamation mark!
4. Putting quotes around "ordinary" words to "suggest" a special "meaning."
5. Announcing that something catastrophic will occur by the end of paragraph! Then letting the reader down.
6. Unexpectedly and unnecessarily using the word "fuck."
7. Forgetting that prepositions are not appropriate words to end sentences with.
8. Gently inserting a double entendre, if you know what I mean.
9. Suggesting that you have an interesting point to make, building up to it, alluding to it repeatedly, even referring to it several times within the same sentence, but ultimately leaving your reader wondering what it is.
10. Putting in a pointless 10th item just to round out a Top 10 list.


Deb said…
Should I be taking this personally? ;-)
Sassan Sanei said…
No, it's actually kind of self-directed. I like to keep myself on my toes.
sure! it's about 'me' isn't it?!!!
Deb said…
No no no, it was about me first!

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