A list of headlines served to me by Google Desktop

Here is a list of headlines served to me by Google Desktop based on what it thinks are my interests, presented here in alphabetical order:

  • An Unlikely Value Play
  • AND everybody knows the way I walk and knows the way I talk...
  • Arrggghhh
  • "Baseball bat moment"
  • Cuba campaign touts Raul Castro's roots
  • "Degoopified"
  • Dollar drops after US adds fewer jobs than forecast in July
  • "Fembot-tastic"
  • HP extends Canadian Imperial Bank contract
  • I should have been in this commercial fo sho.
  • It's Farking Friday!!!!
  • It's shark week. I heart sharks.
  • Keeping tabs on a food empire
  • KPN and RIM launch BlackBerry 7130g in the Netherlands
  • Mayor announces arrests in Phoenix case
  • Microsoft invites black hats into Vista
  • Over-by-over: afternoon session
  • Pegasus Wireless retires 13M shares
  • Printers a weak link in network security, expert says
  • Prosecutor alleges money laundering
  • Review: Search-Term Report
  • Senate ratifies controversial cybercrime treaty
  • *Sitting here totally offended. Yup.*
  • Sprint to deploy high-speed wireless technology this year
  • "Stem-cell-hugger"
  • Tech acquisitions up
  • Terrell Owens sits out practice
  • The Friday Morning Prayer
  • The Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas
  • The Tao of security blogs
  • Work humor

Interesting. It's like my computer knows me better than I know myself! (Except who the heck is Terrell Owens??)


Deb said…
Heyyyy.. I recognized several of those things on the list. I'm on your Google desktop??

How very cool.
Sassan Sanei said…
You're right! Google Desktop is pretty cool. It automagically picked up the Atom feed from your blog and began serving headlines as you post!
Anonymous said…
The pictures you took of Fisherman's Harbour look great. It is interesting to see these shots taken in early spring. You have captured the peacefulness of the place in pixels well.

I do not think that rusty object is an anchor in your first picture. It looks to be part of a hoist.

In summer, the wild raspberries and blueberries can still be found although they have been much harder to find as the spruce trees seem to grow about 8 inches taller every year.
Sassan Sanei said…
Thanks for the feedback, John C! I'm glad you liked the pictures. It was fun to make them.

I've updated the page to identify the rusty object correctly. Anchors and hoists are all the same to us landlubbers in Ontario! :)

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