Fun with Photoshop

I have packed away my darkroom for good. Using Adobe Photoshop, I can achieve far better results in colour and exposure balancing than I ever could under an enlarger.

Take this picture of Chicago, for example. The distant skyline was lost in a haze of blue, and was quite a bit brighter than the boats in the foreground.

Using simple adjustments such as levels and colour balance, I was able to bring out detail in all the areas of the image:

The difference may seem subtle on a computer screen, but in an 8" x 10" print the result is a far more dramatic image that is more true to life than a straight print.

This gives me a level of control over the image that was very difficult to obtain consistently in the darkroom. Combined with the advantage of instant feedback (without having to wait for the chemical baths to do their part) and no need to work in the dark, I don't see how I could ever go back to using a darkroom. Viva la Photoshop!


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