Some random observations made while walking along Phillip Street one morning in May

It's hot and sticky. This is what a rain forest in Costa Rica must feel like.
There are a lot of grass clippings on the sidewalk. They must have been put there to feed any stray cattle who decide to roam the streets. There can be no other explanation.
Natural gas supply lines hiss rather loudly.
Those big black signs with the bright neon yellow lettering are visually obnoxious.
No matter how large the SUV, it never contains more than one passenger.
Random clanging sounds eminating from deep inside ominous-looking industrial buildings.
I'm hungry and could go for a doughnut. Mmmmm, doughnut.
How many satellite dishes does a single building really need on its rooftop?
Painting the brake calipers red on your little red sports car looks hella cool.
Birds chirping everywhere. I hear them but I don't see them. Oh wait, there's one.
As freedom-loving members of a liberal society, we should give everyone free personalized licence plates. Also free chocolate eclairs.
New shoes make my feet hurt.


Deb said…
I'm all for the eclair thing. I'll even say I'm liberal if it will help.
Odat said…
omg...i saw an teeny tiny apartment with 5, that's right 5, satelitte dishes nailed to the side of their windows!! now that's something to wonder about!

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