Stephen Harper absolutely, positively does not eat babies (at least not during one unspecified 5-year period), says some guy who used to work with him

Well, I guess this settles it then!

Perhaps I was wrong when I made this claim that "Stephen Harper will boil your children alive and eat them for dinner."

Apparently though, he does have a taste for cormorants:

But they will live to fly another day.

Okay, the clip about the birds was irrelevant, but the wording on the caption was just a little too startling/funny not to post here.


Deb said…
The memo that was issued by the advertising company about that topic was an absolute scream. It was soooooo serious, considering the topic.

Some people have no sense of humor. sheesh
Sassan Sanei said…
There was no reason at all for them to draw public attention to what happened. It was a few signs on a few trains, and apparently, very few people noticed. Deal with it quietly instead of turning it into a national joke. Because that just leads to more national jokes, like "What's 18" long and hangs between George Bush's legs?" Answer: "Stephen Harper's necktie."
Deb said…
Trying to think of an appropriate comment to that joke, but ya know.. all that comes to mind is... HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA

Better to be the suckee than the sucker??

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