Conducting interviews on live TV

Here's a suggestion to Jacques Dupuis, the Quebec Public Safety Minister who gave a live interview on CTV Newsnet this morning about the school shooting in Montreal yesterday: stop saying "between you and me" to the news anchor! That's twice now. Look, you're on live national television, anything you say is not going to stay between you and him, there are millions of people watching too. Just a thought.

And earlier in the newscast, Hassan Kadhim, the older brother of a student who was shot, pointed out that the shooter was simply called a "French-Canadian" and a "criminal" even though he committed an act that could be considered terrorism. "I was wondering if there was for one second, if we had thought it was an Arab person, an Indian person, an Asian person, right away they would have labeled him as a terrorist. (...) That's a bit disappointing in a way because I know how the story would have turned if there was an Arab person or whatever, Indian." To which the news anchor replied: "All right. Well interestingly, the alleged shooter is apparently of Indian descent." Zing!


Sassan Sanei said…
We live in a post-Columbine world.

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