Why I love my baby today

Ryan is 47 weeks old today! Amazingly, he is coming up to a year. I love being a daddy.

Here are 47 reasons why I love him today, and every day:

  1. He gets really excited to see me when I come home from work.
  2. He has a big smile.
  3. He has six tiny little baby teeth poking out through his gums.
  4. He saw his mommy peeling a banana for him today and said "nanana"!
  5. He loves the bath.
  6. He perks up when he hears California Dreamin' covered by The Essentials.
  7. He says "dadadadada" when he sees me.
  8. He plays peek-a-boo with me.
  9. He has big, expressive eyes.
  10. He loves to be held and walked all the time.
  11. He self-feeds grated carrot and makes a mess everywhere!
  12. He enjoys listening to Enya.
  13. He looks for me anxiously when he hears me in another room.
  14. He loves to crawl around and explore everything.
  15. He plays with his drum and has decent rhythm.
  16. He looks really cute in his red t-shirt and little blue jeans.
  17. He drinks his mommy's nutritious milk several times a day.
  18. He enjoys riding in his stroller with me to Subway, Wendy's, or Quizno's.
  19. He naps soundly.
  20. He cuddles my neck when I hold him.
  21. He can pull himself up to a standing position.
  22. He loves his toys.
  23. He likes books and enjoys being read to.
  24. He is learning sign language.
  25. He gets into his car seat without a fuss.
  26. He sleeps in the bed with his mommy and me and snuggles into us.
  27. He bites, but he doesn't mean it to hurt.
  28. He is fascinated by everyone and everything.
  29. He likes to go swimming in the pool.
  30. He falls asleep on my shoulder.
  31. He bangs things together to make noise.
  32. He squeals when I tickle his belly.
  33. He smiles and makes complete strangers happy to see him.
  34. He grabs the pieces off the board when his mommy and I are playing chess.
  35. He loves to see himself in the mirror.
  36. He laughs hysterically when I make a funny face.
  37. He made me realize how tasty lentils are when mixed with pureed squash.
  38. He likes seeing other babies and children.
  39. He always smiles for the camera.
  40. He is strong!
  41. He is immediately curious about anything new or different.
  42. He is extremely good-natured.
  43. He furrows his brow when something puzzles him.
  44. He reaches his arms out to me when he sees me.
  45. He likes things to be in the right order.
  46. He makes me happy just to think about him.
  47. He is the most beautiful baby in the world!


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