I am the unholy master of Scrabble


The significance of this number will become apparent in a moment.

I am in the midst of a heated Scrabble match. Thanks to the magic and wonder of BlackBerry, I can post the result on my blog immediately.

I put down DOCKETS spanning two double word scores--and its S pluralizing DRAWERS at the same time. Including the 50 point bonus for using all my letters, that's 124 points in a single turn. I believe this sets a new personal record.

And my next word? QUAILS. Across a double word score.

I so rule.


Anonymous said…
I love your blog, I'm a fairly regular visitor, just to see if you have added anything new lately. If I send you money, will you post more often? lol
Sassan Sanei said…
Absolutely! Please send me $25 by PayPal and include two normally-unrelated keywords (such as "fajita project" or "stapler diploma") which I will use as the subject of a 300-word short story posted here just for you.

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Anonymous said…
Alright then, but I have to say that I'm pretty sure that I have used fajita project together in sentences before, and they give out stapler diplomas at work (at least that is what they told me I was working towards), so that isn't all that original either. I'll come up with something though. ;-)
Sassan Sanei said…
Congratulations on your stapler diploma! What's next? Are you going to do a graduate program in paperclips, or going straight to the doctoral in advanced highlighting?

(My, but we're sarcastic today.)

So... do any of these sound interesting to you?

Laundry podium?
Vintage poinsettia?
Paranoid hyphen?
Wednesday stalagtite?
Mediocre silicon?
Poison axle?

Good luck on your fajita project!
Anonymous said…
I will now attempt this for the second time. Your comment forum ate my previous entry, but thankfully I have the memory of an elephant and was able to rebuild from scratch. I'm am so good.

heinous telescope
spaghetti tortilla
heinous skulk
bicycle diatribe
halogen cults (I just thought of that one, consider it a bonus.)

I also want you to know that I have spoken to my boss, and he thinks I might be a good candidate for the advanced highlighting course. He says he has to check with the other partners though, so I'd better not get my hopes up to too high.

Thanks for the input, that might be just the career advancement I need. What would I do without you and your infinite wisdom.
Sassan Sanei said…
Wow, those are really tough choices. It's time to get creative.

I was tempted by "bicycle diatribe," but ultimately I decided to go with "halogen cults." I published the result as a new blog post... you can even highlight your favorite parts with your newfound advanced highlighting skills. Enjoy :)

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