Seventy percent

Seventy percent.

For some, it is a benchmark of acceptable success in school. You didn't do so great, but at least you didn't get in the sixties.

For others, it is the optimal concentration of cocoa in dark chocolate. Mmmm, chocolate...

What else does 70% represent? Google tells us that:

70% of companies have no policies or guidelines in place for employee bloggers.

70% of media consumers use multiple forms of media at the same time.

70% of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates in Hong Kong represent the Beijing genotype.

70% of California insurance companies canceled all of their existing earthquake clients, and stopped offering their earthquake coverage to new homeowner clients, following the 1995 Northridge Earthquake.

70% of Canada's family physician practices are closed to new patients.

70% of Americans suffer occasional back pain.

70% of Americans want the federal government to stay out of personal family decisions.

70% of success in life is showing up, according to Woody Allen.

70% of people over 50 in China would like to log onto the Internet.

70% of fish consumed in Slovakia is imported sea-fish.

70% of South Dakota's high school graduates take the American College Test (ACT).

70% of the Russian population do not like Russian oligarchs.

70% of the Russian population are ready to fight for their country.

70% of the Earth's surface is covered by water.

70% of inmates held in American jails are either serving time for drug offences or were regular users prior to incarceration.

70% of worldwide child labour is in subsistence agriculture.

70% of the human body consists of water.

70% of the American public agrees that race should not need to be a factor in higher education admissions by the year 2028.

70% of U.S. adults own portable entertainment devices.

70% of Montenegrins are against secesssion.

70% of officials in Tibet are Tibetans.

70% of single mothers who participated in the Israeli government's work program earned less than 2500 shekels per month.

70% of the partners of the law firm of Porter & Hedges were selected as Super Lawyers.

70% of women who will remarry do so within three years.

70% of Japanese vehicles sold in the U.S. are built in America.

70% of Americans are open to alternative medicine.

70% of all crime is drug-related.

70% of Americans never watch The O'Reilly Factor.

70% of Americans think a royal family is a good thing for the people of England.

70% of companies that outsource report increases in quality of work.

70% of freeway lane miles in Sacramento are congested.

70% of pastors do not have a close friend, confidant, or mentor.

70% of Canadians would choose an Internet connection over a telephone or television, if stranded alone on a desert island.

And most of all...

70% of you read the above list and kept wondering, "What about the other 30%?"


Sassan Sanei said…
I have been accused of being 70% hot air myself :)
Anonymous said…
Only 70%?

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