A prediction

It is my prediction that, although we pronounce the year 2006 today as "two thousand and six," we will, within five years, be pronouncing it as "twenty oh six."

Update (March 3, 2012): Maybe in another five years.


skan said…
molto interessante...veramente molto
bel blog
Anonymous said…
molto tru. siete saggi

- markoos

ps. i tried to log in, but it won't let me because my blog has been moved to a beta account...

Anonymous said…
Ditto on the beta thing. I wish I hadn't done it, but its too late now.

How do you say beta sucks in Italian?
Anonymous said…
Same thing.. but you can comment with choosing your identiy as 'other' and place your blogs address in the "your web page" and it works almost the same.

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