The City of Waterloo, parallel parking, and you: a legal synopsis

So I got the handy "Your Neighbourhood Guide: Seasonal Highlights" from the city's by-law enforcement department in my mailbox and decided to have a look. (A note to my American friends who may not be familiar with the term: a "by-law" is a municipal ordinance.)

Oh look, a $135 fine for parking on the front lawn. I briefly ponder the statistical relationship between the probability of your neighbour parking on their front lawn and the probability of their having a couch, or other upholstered indoor furniture, on their patio.

And that $300 fine for parking in a handicapped spot is not nearly high enough. It should be $10,000 plus they break your legs and set your car on fire.

Wait a tic... wat dis?

Parking information from the City of Waterloo

$20 fine for parking more than 15 cm / 6" from the curb. OMGWTFBBQ! Who parks that close to the curb? Don't underestimate my driving ability, as I would surely be the national parallel parking champion if such an event were to take place, but isn't that a bit tight for a by-law limit? Do they really expect everyone to park less than a tire width from the curb, every time? Wow.

Well thanks, Waterloo, for protecting me from myself, I guess.


Deb said…

That made me laff.
as a proud non-driver i don't ahve to worry about this 'fine' crap. i just happily ride my bije passed all the suckers!

ha ha

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