My top 10 favourite foods of all time

The easy part was coming up with the list. The hard part was restricting it to 10 items (how could I leave out smoked salmon?) and putting it in order of all-time preference.
10. Fried egg sandwich on soft white bread Nutella
9. Avocado slices in multigrain pita
8. Unagi (barbecued eel sushi)
7. Cucumber slices and granny smith apple chunks, lightly salted, with cheddar cheese and marmite on baguette slices
6. McDonald's french fries
5. Colossal green olives stuffed with almonds or marinated garlic cloves
4. Caribou and fig pâté
3. Plain basmati rice with butter and yogurt
2. Caviar on white toast with butter
1. Warm chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream
Mmmmm, fooooood....


Deb said…
10. mmmmmmmmmm

9. Avocados are nasty

8. Sushi chefs need to be hauled out and shot.. I mean.. raw fish? nooooooooo its a crime against humanity. Have you ever wondered who first decided to feed people raw fish and pretend that its a cool thing to do, just to see how many people would go along with it? lol

7. Sounds good except for the salt and marmite.

6. mmmmmmmmmm (but only with ketchup)

5. Olives are nasty

4. Never tried it, sounds very Canadian. lol

3. mmmmmmmmm

2. Fish eggs. ummm.. no.

1. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM (note the capital Ms)

Sassan Sanei said…
Caribou and fig pâté is wonderful. I only tried it once, a couple months ago when my friend brought it to a brunch, and it quickly earned the #4 spot in my top 10 list, surpassing even McDonald's french fries with ease. I'm sure if I try it again, it will percolate closer to the #1 spot. In addition to the caribou and fig it may have had red currants in it, but I don't remember for sure.

As for sushi, first of all unagi is barbecued eel, meaning it's fully cooked; second, sushi is not some fashionable new trend (at least not in Japan) since people were eating raw fish for thousands of years before it ever occurred to anybody to cook them. Animals still eat all their food raw. When you think about it, burning fish or any other food over a hot flame is a much weirder thing to do than just eating it the way it is! Not to go all raw food hippie longstockings on you, but except for those pesky parasites, raw food is a lot more nutritious as well...
i noticed you said marmite? have you tried vegemite? it's an aussie institution. we love yo gie it to foreigners and watch them squirm when they try it.
Sassan Sanei said…
I've heard of vegemite although I've never tried it. I've always assumed it's like marmite. The stuff we get here in Canada is from Mother England. It's yeast extract - a black, sticky, gooey, intensely flavoured, crazy salty substance. Same thing?

Notice that marmite didn't occupy the #7 spot on its own - but rather as one ingredient of a snack. Marmite is yummy but, like a trip to Las Vegas, it's best enjoyed in small doses and at infrequent intervals. :)

I just realized that I left out Nutella from my list. I may have to revise it.
that sounds like the stuff! must be very similar except vegemite is a vegetable extract (i think) hence the name.

and yes, very small doses are reccomended unless you like going into a salty anaphalactic shock

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