Best cookie recipe ever

This recipe makes the best peanut butter chocolate chip cookies ever, and it's ridiculously easy to follow.

1 cup crunchy peanut butter
1 cup chocolate chips
½ cup sugar
1 egg
(nothing else)

Preheat the oven to 350°F. If you are using a convection oven, set to 325°F.

While the oven is heating up, mix the ingredients together in a bowl, using a spoon or a fork. If you prefer your cookies extra sweet, add a bit more sugar. Add more chocolate chips too, if you like.

Drop the mixture in blobs onto a baking sheet. Leave a bit of space between each blob for expansion during cooking. Squish each blog tight, then flatten the tops with the back of a spoon or fork.

Bake for 20 minutes then remove from the oven. To prevent the cookies falling apart, let cool for at least 5 minutes before attempting to remove them from the sheet (using a spatula). They come out crispy, the way every good peanut butter cookie should be.

Yummy! And how easy was that?

This entire batch contains 3,264 calories, so enjoy in moderation!


Deb said…
1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup chocolate chips, 12 cups sugar and 1 egg.

I'm not entirely convinced that recipe is correct. lol

They look yummy though. Email me one, wouldja?
Sassan Sanei said…
That should have been ½ cup sugar not 12. :)
Deb said…
That's all that is in it?
Sassan Sanei said…
That's it! You can add a bit more sugar (not too much or it comes out too crispy/crumbly - maybe ¾ cup total) and a lot more chocolate chips if you like. Like I said, ridiculously easy to follow.
neal said…
this sounds more like a blob of peanut butter than a cookie...

are you sure theres no flour at all?
Sassan Sanei said…
No flour at all - the fat from the peanut butter cooks with the sugar and the egg to bind everything together. It really is that easy. The picture is from my oven about halfway through baking them last night. I've been eating them all day.

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