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KFC Canada to offer separate left wing, right wing shipments

TORONTO, February 8 (CNFI) - KFC Canada announced today that it is separating shipments of its Tender 'N Tasty® Hot Chicken Wings™ to its franchisees by political affiliation, effective immediately.

Restaurant franchises located in federal electoral ridings represented by a Liberal or New Democrat member of parliament (MP) will receive left wings, while ridings represented by a Conservative MP will receive right wings.

Ridings in Quebec that are represented by a Bloc Québécois MP are not affected by the new rule. Those franchises will continue to receive a mix of both left and right wings, representing what is best for Quebec regardless of political direction.

Shipments of other food supplies are not affected, although the company did warn KFC Worldwide Foods Inc., located in the United States, not to attempt any influence over this decision.

Canadian News Feed International


Deb said…
Oh sure.. anything political has to have the U.S. inserted in there somewhere. I, for one, being American, find this uncomfortably offensive, and I plan to protest both KFC and your blog, starting tomorrow. Or maybe the next day.

Monday at the latest.

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