10 possible reasons I would be up at 5:00 am

  1. Wondering how they get the caramel in the Caramilk bar.
  2. Desperately searching Internet for lyrics to song I can't get out of my head; realizing it would help to know its name.
  3. Submitting controversial political cartoons to editor of local newspaper.
  4. Elvis found alive and living right here in Waterloo.
  5. Can't stop staring at iTunes visualizer.
  6. Must. Consume. Chocolate.
  7. Figuring out interesting anagrams from other people's names. Moments later, guffawing at Spiro Agnew.
  8. Catching west coast feed of The Daily Show.
  9. Waiting for Godot.
  10. Ryan still awake, and showing no signs of eventual sleepage.


Deb said…
Good thing he's really cute, huh?

Sassan Sanei said…
He seemed genuinely perplexed at my insistence that he sleep.
ha! he doesn't know how lucky he is! in other countries, he'd be out earning a living at his age!

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