A political cartoon


bwaaha ha ha!

funny cuz it's true!
Anonymous said…
Have you seen the cartoons? I'm sorry to say, but their reaction proves the cartoons true.
Sassan Sanei said…
Hi there,

Thanks for your comment.

I did see the cartoons. I didn't find them particularly funny, and I can understand why many people would get offended at what were simply a bunch of ethnic slurs. I believe that the cartoons were intended to be incendiary, and not simply to make a point about testing the bounds of free speech.

That said, the crazy reactions in Iran, Syria, and elsewhere (which included rioting in the streets and torching an embassy) is a pretty sure-fire way to change the focus from the cartoons to yet another affirmation of how nutty some people are. It makes any meaningful dialogue impossible and, as you have noted, justifies the message behind the cartoons in many people's eyes.

It's a no-win situation all around, except perhaps Iranian politicians and clerics who advance their personal ambitions by manipulating their public.

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